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Pre Camp(25/5/2015)

-It is interesting to me because it is about how to keep the water we drink in a tower that is stable and secure from factors such as wind and the ground it is built upon. I can also learn about water pressure and how it affects the water tower.

-I can learn about how to simple engineering like how to balance the weight and force of the object on the stand and base it is built upon. I can also learn about how to take into account factors that must be taken into consideration so that the tower is safe.

-Why do we use balsa wood instead of another material.(just wondering)

First day(26/5/2015)

DO: We were given a brief introduction to the basics of a water tower and the material were going to be utilising. After that we planned as a group our design and received inspiration from some existing products to design our water tower. We then worked on constructing the water tower before the final test was done to measure the maximum load that our tower could withstand.

Learn: learnt that we must not copy designs blindly but take what is useful out of it as our tower collapsed due to the fact that we copied quite closely the design of another structure which was only partially suitable for the water towers functions. I also learnt that working with what we have is important as the limited material meant we had to be careful not to cut wrongly or make mistakes with measurements.

Feel: I felt that our group spread the work out evenly so everyone has something to do ad we can finish faster. It was a rather interesting project as well and I understand more on the importance of precision, teamwork and working with what you have. 
We can apply all these in projects that we do in school or elsewhere as the fundamentals of commitment, collaboration and communication still apply. To see the project to the end requires commitment, to be more efficient we must be collaborative and to get our ideas together requires communication.

Second day(27/5/2015)

Do: We did our presentation slides about our project. We also had a short Q&A after each presentation to clarify our doubts.

Learn: I learnt some things about presentations. We must be honest about the weakness of our project yet not place to strong an emphasis on what you did wrong but rather what you could do better.  We should also be prepared to be asked difficult questions which we may not always be able to answer.

Feel:  Today's activities was simply to do presentation slides and I feel that it is a great chance for us to practise our presentation skills and also how to craft our presentation in an elaborate and optimal manner. I also learnt about how other groups designed their water tower more from their presentations and understood how each one has its own unique feature.

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